When Guillaume was young, he moved a lot and loved extreme sports. Moreover, he has always been interested in acrobatics. He learned to do saltos in his living room and then his parents put him in gymnastics. Two years later, Guillaume began high school circus program at the National Circus School of Montreal where he completed his academic and circus education. He then perfected his technique and his artistic side of his two numbers, the Korean board and the Acro ball at the college level. He is now a graduate of the school and has become a professional circus performer. With this diploma, Guillaume wants to travel as much as possible in order to meet new people and especially to make new experiences. He has even had the chance to work with certain circus companies and this has given him even more desire to continue this job because it helps create new fabulous memories. Guillaume is very grateful to have the chance to be a circus artist and be able to do something he loves. That's why he wants to make the most of each experience but most importantly, never forget how remarkable circus performer is.

Guillaume Larouche